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 Internal Combustion Engine Kit

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PostSubject: Internal Combustion Engine Kit   Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:50 pm

Ever wondered how your vehicle’s engine worked, if you are like one of the many millions out there with a standard car? Well, if you are curious enough to find out, there is always a Flash animation somewhere online to discover, but some of us prefer touching the real thing in our hands. The $49.95 Internal Combustion Engine Kit would be able to do the job just right, where it boasts of a working 1/10 scale model of a 4-cylinder internal combustion engine. This kit will feature more than 100 ABS plastic parts that will work in unison, as long as you use the included tools the right way.

The Haynes Manual that comes with it will help guide the entire construction process to completion, boasting step-by-step instructions as well as vivid, clearly printed diagrams. The transparent cylinder block will let you check out just how the connected parts work in tandem to get your vehicle up and running, while small applications of vegetable oil provide the necessary lubrication required. As for the engine itself, it will operate thanks to a small battery-powered electric motor that runs off a couple of AA batteries. I would say that I myself am mesmerized to see it work.
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Internal Combustion Engine Kit
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