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 Multifunctional Car Air Purifier with High N-ion Density

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PostSubject: Multifunctional Car Air Purifier with High N-ion Density   Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:52 pm

The negative ion is generated by ionization of high voltage in the air.
Clear air
The Anion can be absorbed easily by various organisms, Eliminate Strange Smells and germs
Reduce radiation and protect sight
Increase lungs' absorption of oxygen, improve the blood circle and pulmonary function
Prevent air conditioner disease and promote body immunity
Use ozone to disinfect, prevent the spread of the disease
Long time fragrance function, relieves stress
Voltage: DC-5V / DC-12V
Power: <3W / <5W
N-ion Density: >100x10000 pes/ cubic cm
Ozone Density: O.8mg/h
Anion and ozone can only work separately; when the ozone starts to work the anion will stop; after about 15 minutes working the ozone will stop and turn to anion function automatically.
Approved: CE / FCC
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Multifunctional Car Air Purifier with High N-ion Density
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