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 Aberration (film)

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PostSubject: Aberration (film)   Sun Feb 05, 2012 1:46 am

Aberration is a 1997 film directed by Tim Boxell. It was set in the United States and shot in New Zealand, and stars Pamela Gidley
as a woman who moves to her old childhood cabin in the woods, only to
discover that it is over run by a pack of murderous lizards-like
creatures.Amy Harding (Pamela Gidley) moves to the remote woodland were
she spent her family holidays as a child, along with her cat, Frankie.
But what Amy doesn't know is that something deadly lurks in her cabin in
the woods. When she discovers that something, which she suspects is
rats, is living in her house, she insists the help of oddball animal
biologist, Marshall Clark (Simon Bossell). As Marshall checks out Amy's
cabin, he discovers the remains of Amy's cat, Frankie on the floor.

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Aberration (film)
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