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 General Rules

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Posting Rules

NO VERSUS Threads.

NO ''LIKE'' Threads



General Rules

Please keep all topics/discussions in the appropriate forum category. If you're unsure about where to create your thread, use Random Discussion.

Posting with the intention to make fun of or put down any fellow members will NOT be tolerated. We want Ved to be a place of friendship and enjoyment, not ridicule. Depending on how serious your offense is, you may be banned permanently.

we have a zero tolerance for spam. Spam is any short, low-quality post. This includes any repeated characters to defeat the minimum character limit. You will be banned for however long the moderator chooses, depending on how serious your offense is.

Privacy is to be respected here. Giving out someone's personal information will ultimately result in a ban of your account. This includes any emails, passwords, dumps, etc.

Signatures can be no larger than 650x200 pixels and 500kb in size. Animated .gif images should not be annoying. Signatures should also be in accordance with the already existing rules of this forum.

Attempting to abuse/cheat/trade reputation in any way will result in a ban of your account for 1 month. This includes PM, Chat, Signatures, etc. Also, no encouragement such as ''rep is appreciated''. You may be banned longer if you have multiple counts of reputation abuse.

This is a serious offense and will not be taken lightly. This includes any porn links, images, videos, or downloads.

Multiple accounts is not allowed. One account per IP address. If you're caught trying to find a way to cheat the system, all accounts will be banned permanently.

Advertising of any competing sites is NOT allowed on these forums. Your account will be banned depending on how serious the offense is. Please note, advertising in anyway through the chat box will result in a 1 month ban of your account.

Please no political or religious expression in your profile. This includes titles, signatures, avatars, etc. Material in your profile should also be in accordance with the already existing rules.

No downloads are allowed on these forums. This includes threads, signatures, profiles, etc. You will be banned based on how serious the offense is.

Posting rules on this board

Before you post : A search should be done to see if your questions/informations have not been already posted. You can use the search function by following this link
You have a FAQ section where you can find answers for general questions about forum management:
Frequently Asked Questions

Topic titles : When you post your question/information or your problem, you must use a title related to your problem/question/information. Words such as "Urgent", "SOS", "Question", "Problem", "Hurry" are not tolerated. Capitals should also be avoided. Why do we ask you to use explicit titles in your topics ?
Because the forum's search engine bases it's search results on keywords found in topic titles

When you do a search, do you use "help", "urgent", "problem", "SOS" or "question" as keywords to look for topics about your problem/question/information?

Certainly not! So this is why it is important to use titles related to your problem/question. Doing this makes the searches much easier for visitors who use the search engine to get information and an answer to their question

Description of you problem/question : When you ask a question, try to be clear and accurate about what you want to say. Don't hesitate to describe your problem. The more info you give, the better we can answer you. Screenshots can also help depending on the problem. If you don't know how to take a screenshot you should read this tutorial

Language on this forum : When you write in English, SMS (cell phone) style message, L3375P34K (leetspeak) and deliberate mistakes must be avoided. Non-English people, as well as English people, must be able to understand what you write, so put a minimum of care in your English, even if your English is not very good.

Colors and capitals and size : When you write your message, please don't abuse capitals (it means that you shout), colors and bold. Re-sizing your text is also a bad idea. Overly large text resembles screaming. Colors and Bold text are reserved for moderation, therefore don't use them

Flood and off-topic : Flood must be avoided. One-word posts such like "lol", "rofl" or a single smiley must be avoided.
You must also avoid to post the same topic twice, it will not be faster for you to get a response.
As long as you topic is not in the second page of the support section, it is useless to bump it. The minimum delay between two bumps is 24 hours, according to this board's default timezone (GMT - 5).
If you make a mistake or you want to make any modifications to one of your posts, please use the button at the top-right of the post, to avoid double-posting

Advertising for your forum : Spamming is not tolerated, even by PM. If you post about a problem, give the address of your forum only if it's really necessary to understand it. Or better yet : Put your forum address in your profile, so we will just have to click on the "Forum" button to check your forum

Copying and Stealing : Copying and stealing other members works such as graphics (Theme, Images) and or codes (CSS, Templates) is not allowed. If you are found to steal or copy others work you will be given a serious warning that is permanent ban.

Other advertising : It is also forbidden to post advertising for money-related stuff and link posting is only allowed in Advertisement section.
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General Rules
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