way of earn money

This was way where people has do online work and earn the easy money.
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 Rules for being Active Member

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Rules for being Active Member Empty
PostSubject: Rules for being Active Member   Rules for being Active Member EmptyTue Jun 05, 2012 5:40 am

To be Active member you need to work at least 7 days in a month. After you are Active member you will get active member badge by administration. Only Active member person will get paid.

You have just follow the rule and earn lots of money.To be Active member you need to work at least 7 days in a month.After 10 post you have click the any different ads and this ads url copy in your notepad after finish the work a day you have sent the url of the ads to the sent the admin pm message .Then after 7 days admin may you Active member.Every day you need to click the ads after 10 post and sent the url to pm to the admin.

Thanks you very much.
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Rules for being Active Member
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